New colour


To combine usefulness and decoration.

EASY SAIL is made from stretch polyester, a unique and exclusive material on the sun shade market, which is surrounded by an elastic cable that strengthens it when stretched, for perfect results.

EVO+ technology

Efficiency, ergonomics and well-being.


So that our electrolysers are faultless and effective in all situations, and for ever simpler and legible use, this year we are upgrading the SYSTÈME 7 and STÉRILOR EVO lines to the SYSTÈME 7 and STÉRILOR EVO+ lines.

This upgrade makes it possible to have a simpler and more user friendly chlorine production over a range of between 15 and 100 % where the previous EVO version operated at between 30 and 180 %.
This means you need to change your appliance setting habits.

BANC Classic and SURF

New casing


Imitation wood coating on PVC covering

The imitation wood is the result of a film coating process. Coating on PVC has the advantage of being aesthetic while remaining stable over time: fastness, appearance, geometry and mechanics (no expansion).
It is consistent (no colour variations between batches) and easy to maintain.


Mobile patio


The 3-in-1 product: patio, deck or pool!

Mobile system that can be moved manually or using a motor.
While creating a new leisure area, the mobile patio protects the pool when in position and enhances the pool environment when removed onto the pool deck.

Bluetooth control box

New Bluetooth control box for immersed models.


Universal, easy to integrate design.

Available with cable grommet or cable gland. And key operated control safety available at all times.

Phthalate-free Premium liners

High performance liner with a phthalate-free formulation.


The expression of Albon’s active commitment to people and the planet.

• No exposure to phthalates.
• Compliant with the EN 71-3 standard.
• Better for the environment.
• Safer for children.

Stérilor XP

The comfort of treatment controlled by a smartphone app.


• Simplicity
• Efficiency
• Modularity / Connectivity
• Confort

Sleek, standalone, complementary control boxes that communicate with each other using Bluetooth with a super-simple interface controlled by a specific smartphone app designed for intuitive everyday use... Everything is where it should be.
Nothing missing, nothing superfluous.

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BANC D.sign

A slatted cover that converts to genuine outdoor furniture.


Its sober lines blend perfectly into the pool environment.

Made from wood and metal, its finishes are outstanding and its dimensions controlled.
2 versions along with a wide choice of options for multiple combinations.
Its structure facilitates its installation and maintenance.

OXO structure

Alternating bubble shapes, round and X, in 500 μ.


Prestazioni termiche
Insulation performance
Thermal performance

• An innovating shape composed of two complementary bubbles designed for endurance thanks to its even thickness.
• A bubble that optimises its floating on the water thanks to a flat contact. Reduced thermal exchanges (no water penetration). Optimised bubble surface area for effective insulation.
• More effective dispersion of Uvs into the water using more marked curves.

After sales video tutorials

The ideal support to guide you in your interventions


Simple, clear and practical. Check them out in your Nextpool PRO AREA.

Abriblue makes available its “Malfunction test guides” available in video format for the different cover models.
Go to:
› PRO Area
› “Abriblue” tab
› “Advice and assistance” section

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