Above water connected slatted cover


A unique stand on the market

• Functional and aesthetic design
• Controllable from a smartphone, 2 easy to use functions :
Open and close the slatted cover
Turn the lighting on and off, adjust the light intensity and select the colour
• Compliant with the NF P 90 308 standard

New colour

New polycarbonate slat


Two-Ply Transparent/Black

Polycarbonate slats can be ordered in various colours. Please ask us about the feasibility of your project.

Safari liner

A new very trendy colour in PREMIUM quality...

card.image.description widen the scope of customisation.

PREMIUM quality: particularly suitable for pools that are highly exposed to heat, or pools under shelters.

Reinforced covers

EASY First Évolution and EASY Top


Welded reinforcement on the tube passage,

Covers protected from tears,


2 new models


The range of application for ZITA is changing.

• ZITA for pools 1.10 m deep
• ZITA for pools 1.20 m deep
• ZITA for pools 1.50 m deep

Polycarbonate slats ABRIBLUE

Compliant with standard. Width 83 mm


All our polycarbonate slats have been approved as per the NF P 90-308 standard.
Similarly to our ABRIBLUE PVC slats (over 97.000 slatted covers fitted), all our polycarbonate slats have switched from 73 to 83 mm for better buoyancy, better aesthetics

• High mechanical strength and resistance to extreme climatic conditions.
• Solar sensor effect.

New Colors

Terracotta / Ivoire


For bar covers and opaque winter covers,

Available on models EASY One, EASY First Évolution, EASY Wood, Vancouver, SKIN Cold, SKIN Freeze, SKIN Wood Light and SKIN Wood.

New analysis chamber...

...for two sensors:


Easy intervention, longer service life.

• Isolation using two valves = easy intervention.
• built-in pre-filter.
• Low-flow sensor, measurement stability = longer service life.
• Real comparative analysis.
• Wall attachment with spacers that adapt to all supports.
• Sensor cap provided if used for a measurement sensor.