A website makeover to boost the Stérilor offer… but not only

With its new design, the Stérilor website invites its visitors to take the plunge confidently.

Indeed; if the swimmer on the home page seems so comfortable in the pool, it’s because here she’s experiencing Stérilor pool water, treated by the automatic pool water treatment pioneer which has been working since 1985 to design simple, reliable products that guarantee swimmers clean, clear water.

In addition to detailing the product solutions proposed by the expert brand, this new web tool also invites visitors to understand the different technology that is used on a specific page; on its “tips and support” page features valuable advice on pool maintenance throughout the year, device installation tutorials, …All in easy to understand language that is nevertheless accurate and precise.

The brand history, its commitment to quality and the environment, and its innovating culture feature on the “corporate” page. On that same page, it will also be possible to have a behind-the-scenes look at the 100 % Stérilor know-how by watching the video that was made in its workshops at Spay near Le Mans, France.

Natively responsive, the content stays the same but its layout adapts to different screen sizes. Available in 2 languages in addition to French, the website is still a gateway for professionals to access the Nextpool Group “pro area”.

The website address is unchanged: www.sterilor.com